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January 18, 2015

by Virginia Scott


Weather permitting we are having our board meetings as you are reading your newspaper on Thursday. Writing the column on Monday and foreseeing our scheduled events during the unpredictable panhandle weather is always interesting. That is why I am always a week behind in reporting our events.

We are putting up the art work of the Lipscomb County Students. It will be on display during the stock show and I hope you will come by and see the work of our students. It is always interesting, colorful, and amazing at the talent of our children. They are to be congratulated on their talents.

As I mentioned last week, we still need to complete our calendar for 2015. Please help us by looking out for talent that needs to be recognized. We are delighted to assisted artist that have never had a show. We are a great first public and a great place to practice your talent. Give us a call.


Jewell LaGeal Dixon wrote in his Prairie Dog column about the first livestock sale in Higgins. The Lions Club came up the idea with John Richards of the lions club chosen to take charge of the program and get a manager to see that the sale could be a success. Richards recruited Frank Ewing as manager and his first job was to get the stock pens built, water piped in, and a set of scales installed. The first livestock auction was started in 1933. The building that was used was a warehouse, fifty feet wide and about eighty feet long. It was located on a side track of the Santa Fe railroad on the south side of the tracks and a block east of Main Street.
The first sale was a good one. The sale grew larger with cattle from Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico and South Texas mixing with the local farmers and ranchers. Ewing reported that in looking over the buyer and seller tickets, that forty-seven different towns were represented at the sale. As the sale grew, the Lions Club turned the sale over to the partnership of Frank Ewing, John Richard, and Veach Grace took over. It is said that the Livestock Auction was the best drawing card Higgins ever had. The auction sales were held on Tuesdays of each week, and that made it like having two Saturdays every week as the town filled up with people who came to the stock sale. I was unable to find a date that the auctions stopped.

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