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May 1, 2011

by Virginia Scott


Happy May Day, I hope you are taking advantage of the good weather as it happens. This week is a national emergency preparedness week for non-profits and particularly museums. We have asked the Higgins Fire Department to come to the museum on Wednesday to give us a program on fire safety, and inspect us for all types of emergencies. Stay tuned for next week's report on our outcomes.

Busy week last week with our quarterly Board meetings. Nine out of 14 members were present . Jim Suthers was present to update group on plans for new building. We are in process of preparing the construction budget so matching grants can be obtained . Individuals donations are welcomed . We hope to finalize plans and fundraising by the fall so construction can begin in 2012.

Other business included a review of the yearly goals for the Historical Commission and Museum , information on the annual State plan, the 2010 annual report from the Lipscomb County Historical commission and the museum. History Book Sales reported that to date 77 additional books have been sold .

A Benefactor has come forward offering to cover the cost of making our model train functional. So we are in the process of looking for a model train expert or hobbyist that could rewire our train to make it run. If you know of a company or person who does this kind of work , please send them our way.

Lastly, it is the beginning of a new month and we will be changing exhibits this week. Photographs and furniture are disappearing and quilts and textiles are arriving. Pam, Missy, and Susan Tyson will be exhibiting their beautiful and artistic quilts during May and June. Their reception will be held with Pam's Brother Monte Akers Book signing on June 26. Stay tuned for more information.


Every ten years , America conducts a census and all our legislative bodies debate and reconfigures our legislative districts , relocates the number of representatives and senators, and local governments do the same. Our county has been pretty consistent since 1910. The following is our decade counts since 1880:


The Panhandle area also lost population, so it will be interesting to watch the State legislator in its redistricting activities.

Lastly, we experienced a major historical event this week with the killing of Osama Bin Laden (I hope I spelled that correctly) after many years of searching , he was finally found and punished for his terrorist activities. Enjoy your week.

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