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April 17, 2011

by Virginia Scott

The wind is not blowing today and all is well. Our wooden windmill suffered some broken slats so if anyone knows someone that repairs wooden windmills send them our way.

We are still busy with the photographic project. Our reception on Sunday was well attended and a lot of new people to the museum. Everyone enjoyed the exhibits. The photographs and furniture will continue to be on exhibit until the end of month. If you have not seen the work by Jerry Helmuth and Gary Steinberger, please come and view it. You will not be disappointed.

With all the wind that we have had this spring, reminded me of the poems and essays written by Alberdine Wilhite and thought it appropriate to share her view of the Panhandle Winds:

"Lipscomb County winds are fickle. They romp across the land as a child would romp and play. They come in gusts and are nerve wracking but typical of the area. They can whip up into a dangerous stormy disastrous day such as April 9, 1947! But on the hole, winds of Lipscomb County are typical to the area, ever blowing. Without it one could almost suffocate!"


Bouncing over the prairie
Gamboling far and wide,
The southwest wind comes, Bringing
Spring to the countryside.

It races along with the tumbleweed
Spins the windmill around.
The dust devils rise churning,
Disturbing and drying the ground.

The wind can cause a sultry day
Working clouds into a fury.
The animals, birds, and man-kind
Seek refuge in a hurry!

It goes north for the winter
But does not tarry long,
Great white drifts are dumped on the prairie,
Suddenly...the wind is gone!

Easter is next Sunday and surely Spring will really be arriving.

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