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June 15, 2014

by Virginia Scott


I have been out of pocket again last week and will be gone again this week. This time it is for the museum and the trails program. Our quarterly meeting is occurring as you read this column in Big Springs. This group is the group affiliated with the Texas Historical Commission for the purpose of supporting and promoting tourism in our region. I will also be traveling to Amarillo and Borger to pick up our donor plaques and tables given to us by the Hutchinson County Museum. After these trips, I should be homebound for awhile.

The museum is receiving wonderful artifacts and items that will be incorporated into new exhibits. Our model train should be coming home soon. So there is a lot going on. If you have an interest in our history or like to decorate, build, or arrange things, please join us.

The museum has received the Texas Historical Commission Distinguished Service Award for 2013. These awards are given to museums who accomplished historical objectives and projects throughout the year. An annual report is submitted to the commission and evaluated for their merit. If they meet with the state standards the Service Award is given to the museum.

This our seventh consecutive year to receive the award.


I found this interesting description of church life in the 1960's and offer it for this weeks historical musing:

"the Methodist had a revival and as my mother was of that persuasion, I felt like I should unite with her Church. After much pressure had been put on by preacher and good members, I must confess I never felt "at Home" there as at the quiet orderly meetings of the Presbyterians. They did not urge so much action, or claim such experiences as did the Methodists. I was baptized by immersion, in the North Fork of the Licking River, just below the Mill dam not far from the church. I was 15 or there about. There were school mates made the start at the same time and like my self longed and agonized for an experience that some claimed to have. Finally the meeting ended and we could settle down, attend weekly services and enjoy them. I have never been able to get on the "Mountain Top" so I have decided that some are to live on the "Mountain Side".
    author unknown, March 19, 1963 issue of the "Kiowas Valley Independent"

Have a great week on the Mountain.

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