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May 11, 2014

by Virginia Scott

Plans for the new addition continue to develop well. We have several gifts coming our way that will assist us in developing exhibits. Please stop by and check on our progress. We are not yet physically placing items but we will give you our ten cent tour and discuss our plans.

Our membership drive is progressing well and we are very appreciative of everyone renewing. If you have never been a member and wish to become one, please call or come by and we will sign you up.

This week our need for one of the exhibits is a pair of used overalls to fit a man approximately 6 feet tall (our man mannequin) "average healthy size" (150 plus pounds). A old farm hat to match would be nice.

We have received a grant for media equipment and our security system. Look for the press release on the grant. We are very excited about the new addition and the opportunity to tell a lot more of our history and stories.


Rejoining Arch McCarty on his Alaskan vacation, he is traveling on a road from Fairbanks to the Mount McKinley National Park. "We are now about 200 miles south of our arctic viewpoint of last week, yet it is light enough here that midnight travelers are not using headlights, snow, sleet, and rain is falling along this mountainous drive, still it is not so cold nor so dark at this late hour that work, as well as play, does not go on. We noticed some surveyors near the highway, soon after midnight, calmly at their work, with their tripods and instruments set at usual distances as if they didn't know that people were supposed to be in bed at this time of night, sleeping."... At the McKinley Park Hotel gift shop, Arch pays 57 cents for a loaf of bread considerable higher than at home in 1964. He ends his articles describing the various wildlife "stopping often for observing distant objects that arouses curiosity and sometimes discussions as to what and whey they are present in this setting"

Some great observations of one of our beautiful state from one of our county travelers.

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