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March 22, 2015

by Virginia Scott


A good week, we traveled to Spearman on Tuesday for a Quanah Parker arrow installation. It was a little chilly but a nice crowd was there and we had lunch with the Texas Plains Trail representatives and enjoyed catching up with everyone.
This arrow completed arrow installations in all but three counties, Moore, King and Ochiltree counties. Moore and King counties are in the works. The committee is now focusing on the markers for all the arrows so travelers can learn about our regions Indian history. We are receiving traveler feedback acknowledging the arrows and thanking the trails for the experience.
We are making progress on the completion of our building. The sidewalk is being completed on East side of the building. This will connect all our doors with nice walks so we can use all doors during our events.

REMINDERS : Our art exhibit for March and April is Jo Le Ginter. Her reception is scheduled for April 12 at p.m.. Please plan to attend.


In researching our county history, we had heard about the flour mills at Higgins but could never find printed information or photos of them. Well, this last week, our volunteer, Vonda Boughan, research our volumes of Higgins news and found an ad with a photo from Higgins Wheat Growers Inc., Grain P.G.C. Feed & Seed, and Champlin Petroleum Products. The photograph shows the old Higgins Mill from a post card dated 1908. It further stated that the mill burned down. It also stated that Farmers at one time had part of their wheat crop made into flour for their own use. Higgins at one time had five flour mills. Ms. Boughan found multiple photos of the flour mills in our Higgins Album #6 in our reference room. This solves another of our county history questions.

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