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April 10, 2011

by Virginia Scott


Progress is being made with our photographic collection. We are finding photos we had forgotten about and we are also auditing our records which allows us to correct cataloging errors, etc. The project is allowing us to house all of our collection in the same boxes which will allow us to research topics, etc. much easier.

Membership drive is progressing well. Please remember to renew your membership so that we can continue to provide and upgrade our exhibits.

We have had individuals to come in researching their ancestors and our obituary collection and history books are providing a wealth of information for them. It is always nice to hear and see the delight of someone when they discover the grandfather or great grandfathers name in one of our books or files. So if you have Lipscomb roots are doing genealogy, remember us as a resource.


We have in our archives, a 1862 letter from a J.M. Cook of the 107th Texas Cavalry. He is writing to his wife. The second paragraph gives you a pretty good description of his view of the war:

"Well, Fannie, dear, do you stand the parting of your husband from you for 3 years or during the war? This no doubt looks hard to you but the unceremonious way in which "Lincoln's Minions" talk to the ladies of New Orleans through General Picayune Butler is enough to make a two hearted lady say to her husband or broth go and stay until the look of the last thieving and insulting Yankee is rooted from Southern soil! I am anxious that this infernal war-should be ended; but I have not much idea how long it will continue. I think surely it will end by winter if not I think it will end itself by the death of nearly all of the soldiers in the southern and northern army, the latter is now dying and suffering worse than we are if possible. I do not think that the force of the enemy is sufficient to fight us; or be kept in the fields until winter for they cannot stand the invaded districts of this country. The troops hero did not like the idea of being drafted for 3 years and many talked of rebellion; they thought it a disgrace to the southern men to be drafted but all seems quiet now; yet discontent still remains with many; and that longing desire of many to be back with their families causes sickness and frequently death from grief. "

The letter was written after the confederate retreat following the battle of Shiloh, Tenn.

The letter was given to us by Dana Ehrlich for preservation. more next week.

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