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September 11, 2011

by Virginia Scott


A beautiful week and hard to concentrate. September is off to a great start. A beautiful fall would be great. Plan on starting your fall adventures with a trip to the museum to see Amy Winton's exhibit. You won't be disappointed. Our reception for Amy will be this Sunday, September 18 at 2 pm. Please plan to come and visit with Amy and the museum staff.

We are still working on the photographs and the archive boxes. It is interesting to rediscover what all is in our collection. The core team is working on all our military uniforms. We could outfit our own army is need arise. We have been told that our military exhibit is one of the finest in the region as to artifacts and telling the individual stories of our men who have served. We appreciate all of you who have given us your military items that made this exhibit and collection one of the best. We hope we are telling your story as it should be. If any of you that our veterans would care to have your service story recorded, come to the museum and I will interview us on tape and we will have your story for our archive.


In writing this column, I sometimes get bored with my titles, etc. so I look through the many clippings, notes, etc. that I collect to see if there is something that I could use to make the column more interesting or informative. Lovella collected for me some of the titles that the Skaggs used in the Lipscomb Limelight and Follett Times. Here are some of the titles: Darrouzett Digest, Booker Breeze, Shattuck Siftings, Wolf Creek Valley Ripples, Local Lore, Skunk Creek, La Kemp Whispers (spelled Wispers), Local Overflow, A Few on the side, About Town and County, Pansy Blossoms, Shadeland Notes, Higgins in Brief, Local Paragraphs, View Point Pointers, Stillwater Siftings, Jolts from fifth Creek, Goodwin in Brief. So much for that research. I do like the Local Overflow.

This week was one of remembrance as we all revisited September 11, 2001 and watched TV on Sunday. The Booker News on September 13, 2001 reported the bombings of the Twin Towers and Pentagon but the Big headlines were the Commissioner's court action on the county annual budget and the Booker city budget. The museum was planning our reception for Jim Ward and a concert by the Colemans on the civil war. The museum column was written by Lovella.

Well, next week, I hope to have some of our county history to share. I am going to research some of our archive this week to find some new tidbits. Wish me luck.

I offer you this from Michael Crichton to think about this week:

If you don't know history,
you don't know anything.
You're a leaf that doesn't
know it's part of tree.

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