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September 14, 2014

by Virginia Scott


Sunday garden tour went well and we had a nice crowd. Everyone enjoyed the gardens and enjoyed our new addition. This was our first function using the new kitchen area and it went well. We missed our kitchen table for a space but we made do with one of our tables. Everyone went home with garden plant book and a tote. We wish again to thank Doris Akers, Missy Tyson, and Kathyrn Paul for sharing their beautiful gardens with us.

We are working on the art exhibit schedule for next year. If you have something you want to exhibit, please contact us and plan an exhibit. If you are a new artist and want experience doing a show, we are a good group to start with.

We have four of our quilts from our collection on display in our auditorium/meeting room. They are beautiful examples of the friendship quilts that the ladies of the community used to make for newlyweds and other occasions. We also have a quilting frame on display.

New spaces with lots to look at. Come visit.

  1. The largest tree in the county... We need to find it. If you have one, measure its trunk and call or email us.

  2. Oct. 18, our annual fundraiser, Bar-b-Que and R.J. Vandergriff. Tickets are $25 each. We will have an auction and we need donated items.


The following is a short article from the The Kiowa Valley Independent, December 11, 1962 about the flu. I am curious if this is true today. "Quite a few of our citizens have been laid low with the 'flu'. Getting up and around too soon after a bout of this illness seems to cause many to have a relapse so take care and pamper yourself if you should get this ailment.... We can't decide if the men are immune or just won't admit to being ill." Apparently the only ones becoming ill were the women.

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