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September 6, 2015

by Virginia Scott


Our computer is fixed but I am still trying to get things organized again. One of our printers is not communicating to the computer so I will still be trying to get things back to normal. We have had lots of visitors that our traveling thru and looking for our geocaches. I apologize that I have not had time to check our caches and correct our coordinates.

We have scheduled our presentation for the THC archeology month of October. Lance Bussard will present his archeological finding for Lipscomb and surrounding area on Sunday, October 18 at 2 pm. Please plan to attend.

We are still trying to rearrange and move our inventory so if you have time and want to volunteer some muscle, we have plenty of stuff to move. Give us a call.

Reminder: Pam Haines exhibit of her dolls is now on display in our art room. This exhibit is every little girls and woman's dream who ever played dolls. Please make plans to come and see the wonderful dolls. We have a rocking chair that you can sit and play with the many 'lil ones. A one of kind exhibit.


We have often wondered how the big old copy machine was moved into the old school and museum area. I finally found the answer. In the June, 1989 issue of the "Lipscomb Heritage" newsletter, it was noted that "Up to twelve people worked throughout the day May 3, 1989, re-arranging displays in the Wolf Creek Heritage Museum and situating the outdoor display of equipment.
...the main attraction was disassembling the 10 foot copy machine and moving it to another room in the school. Eight men bent their backs to the task. This is a powerful beast not easily conquered. Reassemble in the new "office" it looks rather stately and imposing. " Now we know. The machine is still there and when we complete moving our inventory. We will have to decide its fate once again. WHAT SHOULD WE DO?

The "monster" was purchased by the Commissioners Court on May 14, 1956, while G.A. Jenkins was judge for $8,051.36 including freight. Commissioners at that time were Ollie Scott, Precinct 1; Alex Meier, Precinct 2; Cecil Walker, Precinct 3; and Arch Ellis, Precinct 4.
In this same article also informs us of the "cement thrashing stone from Bobby Lewis". We now know to research these newsletters when we need to know where we got an item.

Hope you celebrated Labor Day.

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