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February 2, 2014

by Virginia Scott


In spite of the cold weather, people are stopping by and using us a break and warming up spot. We enjoy everyone coming by and visiting with us. Last week, I reported that our historical commission had met and developed our goals for the year. In that meeting, we also discussed the need for new members and volunteers. If you weren't aware, the museum is run entirely by volunteers except for the generous funding of the part-time salary. Volunteers are the heart of the museum and we need new ones. Some of our regular volunteers have had to retire due to their health. If you are looking for a community project or something to do, please come check us out. We allow you to set your hours and select your project. Experience and knowledge is not required. Only willingness to assist us in preserving and telling the history of county and its people.

Students needing Community projects for their college application or FFA, etc. projects are welcome.


With this cold weather, I thought you might enjoy this story for the "Prairie Dog" : 'Lipscomb had a saloon at one time. It was owned and operated by a man named McSpadden who used a cigar box for a cash register. One day a traveling salesman came into the saloon and asked for a bottle of beer. Mac went to the dug well, where he kept it cool, and brought a bottle to the salesman. the salesman then wanted some ice for his beer. Mac said 'You must be kidding; who in the world ever heard of ice in the middle of the summer!'

I guess we could set out buckets of water and make our supply of ice for summer. Stay warm.

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