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August 27, 2017

by Virginia Scott


TWO CORRECTIONS TO LAST WEEKS COLUMN: 1) PAM HAINES EXHIBIT RUNS UNTIL OCTOBER 2) THE NEXT EXHIBIT IS THE WORKS OF PINE GREGORY. Sorry for the mistakes, I was multi-tasking last week and the tasks got criss-crossed.

The Saturday night bingo game was well attended and lots of bingos. This has been a nice treat for the area and it is nice to visit as well as enjoy a nice bingo game. Plan to attend next month and join a great crowd.

We have new additions to our gift shop. Come in and check us out. We are also entertaining ideas for gift shop items that we need to include in our inventory.

Remember,We are planning for our annual fundraiser and we need items for the auctions. Mark your calendars for NOVEMBER 4 at 6:30 pm.


In the mid 1900's, Lipscomb County was working on developing real roads and railways to take the place of the wagon trails. There was much debate on the development of an 'interurban' road to connect Arnett, Higgins,and Lipscomb. In his campaign for this road, the editors of the Interstate made this plea :
"Lest we forget, this part of the famous Wolf Creek Valley is a magnificent spot for one of the best towns in this end of the Panhandle. Sheet water from a depth of 20 to 80 feet ; altitude just right for cool nights and good health. An INTERURBAN invading this picturesque location would create an atmosphere that healthy that a town of 1500 to 2000 population would not only be a dream but a reality. Lest we forget, unless we make an effort to do something for ourselves no one else will do it for us. So let us be up and rambling. Let us organize a Home Cultivated Interurban Company-Break through and make a noise like a 'live one'."
We know that the highway was built but I haven't discovered when it was first constructed. However, his prediction of population growth didn't come true and I for one am pleased with that.
Have a good week.
Our thoughts are with the people in Houston and Gulf Coast.

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