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August 28, 2016

by Virginia Scott


I am hoping the computer is functioning better this week. Hope to have it examined this week and fix our files that the update to Windows 10 has hidden or changed. I am getting too fixed in my ways to have things change my routines and instruments.

My trip to the south was very pretty and we met a lot of new people. We witnessed the blessing of two arrows by the Comanche tribe from Oklahoma who are direct descendants of Quanah Parker. Their ceremonies were beautiful and moving. There will be pictures posted on our Trails website or the Quanah Parker website soon.

With the children back to school, Mothers you can come by the museum and enjoy Carol Gifford's quilts. August will be over this week so there is just one month left for everyone to come by to see her beautiful work.

With this year being the centennial year for the civil war, we are trying to compile a list of Lipscomb County residents that served in that conflict. If you have a relative that lived in Lipscomb County that served, please send us there name for our list. Be sure to tell us which side they fought on.


In the Sept 2, 1887 issue of the Panhandle Interstate reported that a man traveling in Arkansas heard two old women talking about the Astor's and the Vanderbilt's who were visiting in Arkansas. The ladies were discussing the luxuries of being rich : "Well, if you'll b'leeve me, ole Mis Vanderbilt don't purtend to even wash her own dishes. She don't even make her own bed-her nor Mis Astor neither, and 'they both sleep in pink velvet nightgowns trimmed with lace worth a thousand dollars a yard, and embroidered in dimints (diamonds) that cost million and millions. ...
Oh, I tell you it's a fine thing to be rich, Mis Peterby; and I reckon alike as not you an' me'd carry on jest like that if we only had the means to do it with. ...Anyhow, I know I'd have me a good green an' red gingham gown an' all the salt mack'rel I could eat for once." An' I'd get me some ginynine Scotch snuff, I would."

To each their own definition of wealth. Have a great week and enjoy the rain.

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