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June 27, 2010

by Virginia Scott


We had a quiet week with a good stream of visitors. On Wednesday, it was a reduced group of our core team with several of our group off on doctor appointments and other commitments. Therefore it was quiet and we each choose our projects and had a very productive day. If you received a letter from us this week, you have items on loan at the museum and we are requesting that you review those items and renew your loan, convert it to a gift, or come retrieve the item. We have several contracts where the original contractor has died and we have sent the contract to next of kin that we know. Keeping these records in order is necessary to keep the museum records in order so please review and send the forms back to assist us with our recordkeeping. We appreciate the work of Ann Wright for taking on this project.

Georgia is starting our glass negative project. We are accessioning each slide and packaging them so we can send them to North Texas University for development and digitalizing. These negatives are from Kilo Mugg, an early Photographer/Pharmacist in Lipscomb County.

This is the end of month so we will be changing exhibits. We thank Denise for her exhibit. It was enjoyed by everyone for sense of humor, color, and style. If you thought her titles were different. Ask her about them or me. A warning if you give me something to type, I type exactly what you give me. The rest Denise will explain.

Sam Sidders will exhibit in July/August. This will be the second show for Sam with us and we are excited that he is back.

I am typing this on my Monday but this is a holiday schedule for the papers and some will have the column some won't so I will repeated some information next 2 weeks until we are back on our routine schedule. Have a great fourth.


We received some great little pamphlets this week. They are written by F. Stanley and published in January 1975. The Higgins Library sent them over and I will provide you snippets in the upcoming weeks. There are seven and each one is entitled The ________Texas Story. One for Perryton, Dalhart, Canadian, White Deer, Miami, Higgins, Lipscomb. Now my questions: What does F. stand for ?, Did he write one for Follett, Darrouzett, Wheeler, Spearman? Did he sell them and if so where and how? Why did he write of this area when he lived in Nazareth, Texas? I am going to google him so maybe I will have some answer next week but if you remember these little books, call us. thanks.

He starts his story of Lipscomb with this paragraph:

Lipscomb honors Abner Smith Lipscomb, son of Joel Lipscomb and Elizabeth Chiles. Born in Abbeville, South Carolina, February 10,1789, he became a lawyer, and chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He moved to Texas and served as Secretary of State under President M.B. Lamar. He married Elizabeth Gains. Two years after her death he married Mary P. Bullock. He was elected to the Texas Supreme Court and served as Associate Justice. He died in Austin, December 8,1856 and was buried in the State Cemetery. Both the county and town of Lipscomb honor his memory.


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