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January 26, 2009

by Virginia Scott


You are reading this on Thursday or Friday and I am writing it on Monday so I can't report on the Board meeting until next week but I hope some of you attended the meeting and that the weather was nice. On this Monday it is cold, icy, gray and actually acting like winter. I truly hope we receive some moisture.

We continue to catch up on our archival accessions and Lovella and Fern are busy with obituitaries. Georgia is busy with refining and designing exhibit areas or new items for the exhibits.

I hope to finish the annual report this week and It will contain all our numbers for the year. One interesting set of statistics that we get at the end of the year concerns our website. We had 2802 unique visitors to our site this year, this is approx. 700 more than last year. this is good since more and more people are using the web to select their vacation sites, weekend trips, etc. Our highest month was March. People visit mostly in the evening, they visited our site mostly on Tuesday evenings. People have visited our website from over 17 countries ( I only counted the ones with more than 5 visits). These included Singapore, Japan, Germany, India, Australia, Phillipines and France. I hope they visit. I need to add some of our western scenes to show the Japanese especially that the "cowboy" is alive and well. If you have pictures of events, branding, etc and would like to contribute please email them to us at wolfcrk@amaonline.com .

We are now placing the column on our website so please spread the word that you can stay connected with us through our website.


I mention fairly often, our obituary project and how it is used by individuals searching for information on their family. If you examine today's obits , there is sometimes birth and death date . However, cause of death, demographic information, and even biographical information is not included. If you are unfortunate enough to have to work with a funeral home to publish an obituary include information that historians and geneaologists 100 years from now will want to know. If you are preplanning, give us your story for future generations. Some will think I am being unkind and gruesome. I apologize if I offend but I want to point out that our newspaper and for some our obits will be the only written documents remaining after our generations are no longer here. Lets document our stories of who we were. I offer one of our obits from 1917 and let you meet Claude Earl Bellah. Compare his obit with one in today's newspaper and let me know your thoughts (musings).

Claude Earl Bellah,the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Bellah died wednesday evening, April 25, 1917 at his home at 8:08 pm. Age: 13 years, 4 months, and 2 days. of measles and its after effects. He was born December 23, 1903 in the town of Lipscomb. After a few years moved to Higgins with his parents and a short time later moved to Laverne, OK. Two years ago they returned to Lipscomb to make their home. The School children formed a line at the home and escorted the casket to the church, founeral services were held today at two pm at the Union Church, H.A. Hill giving consoling words to the bereaved ones after which the remains were followed to the IOOF Cemetery. A father, mother , and three brothers are left to mourn his loss.

Have a good week and I will be less philosophical next week.

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