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May 12, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Last wednesday was a typical work day for our core team. We mainly spent time trying to find boxes and locate items so we could add or subtract our archival materials. We keep meticulous records but the boxes seem to rearrange themselves into mysterious places in the archive room. We eventually locate them and we move on the next project.

Terry and Norma Boughan constructed a beautiful brick frame for our arrow to house our Quanah Parker marker. The arrow is a show stopper but the frame really makes it special. Thanks, Terry and Norma for all you do for the museum.

At this reading we will have held our board meeting on Tuesday. I will report on our activities next week. If all goes well, we will have a nice announcement to make.

Please remember to come by and see the exhibit by Richard Whittenburg and Georgia has also made an exhibit of the Children's china set that we recently received from the daughter of Martha E. Minton Johnson Chastain. The set is precious and brings back childhood memories of every little girl. We appreciate Alberta Moffitt for gifting the set to our collection.


Last week I listed the 1963 graduates for Darrouzett and started a quest to locate all the graduates for 1963. With the assistance of Lovella Theissen and Lisa Yauck we now have Follett and Booker graduates. Hopefully Higgins will appear soon. The Booker High School Class of 1963 consisted of 13 members. James Roy Cates, Norman Coxwell, John Hughes, Ronnie Eccles, Kathy Taliaferro, Leroy Hughes, Tommy Mounsey, Jean Ann Collins, Oralena Summers, Kenny John, Donnie Eccles, Patsy Athey, Harriet Fare.

Next Week we will honor the Follett class.

Please let us know of reuniouns, celebration, etc. Have a good week.

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