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September 27, 2009

by Virginia Scott


Busy week. Wednesday was great with a good crowd for our training session with Randy Bell of Bell Publishing. Mr. Bell assisted the group in learning the process for publishing the second edition of Lipscomb County History. The first step was developing our flyer for advertising the book and for soliciting family stories. We will be mailing these out in October. We want stories from everyone living in Lipscomb County. These books are valuable assets for future generations so start thinking and writing your family story. As Mr. Bell stated, we want every family whether they have lived here 100 years or one day, we want your story.

The Book Committee has representatives from every town. They are as follows:
    Lois Ann Schultz - Booker.
    We need more representatives from Booker so Lois Ann has help.
    Irene Gensman - Darrouzett
    Fern Howard - Darrouzett
    Vesta Newman - Darrouzett
    Liz Miller - Follett
    Laveta Buchner - Follett
    Arlene Walker - Higgins
    Arlene needs a partner from Higgins.
    LaVaun Kraft - Lipscomb
    Peg Herriage - Lipscomb
    Kellie Kjos - Lipscomb
These representatives will be collecting stories from their area and working with the Central Committee in collecting the stories of our churches, military, businesses, schools, organizations, cemeteries, etc. Our target date is 2011 for our 125th birthday. The museum core team will be assisting with the project as well. Anna Lee and Hugh Barton are the representatives from the Lipscomb County Historical Commission Board for the project.

Last week on Tuesday, the Lemon Insurance Agency fed the county employees and Dorothy and I were invited down. We thank them for including us. On Wednesday, the West of Line Cafe catered our lunch for the Book Committee, we had enough to invite the courthouse down to join us. With all of these meetings, we have been well fed.


History Books traditionally concentrate on the good of our past and present which is probably best for future generations. Sometimes though I wish we could include some of our bad side. Many of you know that I keep a file on Lipscomb County Scandals, Murders, and other disasters such as plane crashes, bank robberies, cattle rustlers,kipnapping, etc. These occurrences tell things about our past that other events do not. From my file, I learned that the Follett Bank was robbed in 1957 by a lone gunman. Some interesting tidbits from this event caught my eye. The robber explained to the sheriff that he did not lock the vault after putting the bank employees in because "I didn't want to hurt them. I was afraid they would suffocate." It was also noted that at the time of the robbery, most of the officers in the area were attending a peace officers convention in Amarillo. One Sheriff stated "he was not going to another peace officer's convention or anything else that will take me out of town." In the 1967 a husband and wife team robbed the Maimi bank and the trail was moved to Lipscomb County.The defense attorney for the husband tried to convince the jury that he was insane and not responsible for his actions. His wife testified that he communed with "a lady with long gray hair and no teeth" who warned him of impending doom and even threatened to alienate him from his wife. The wife thought the LSD that he took brought him near the gray-haired soothsayer. The two were caught on the Lesley ranch 12 miles north of Miami after a gunfight which seriously wounded the husband.

In both instances, law enforcement asked why they robbed the banks, all three simply stated, I (we) were broke.

See why I keep a file on our "black" side. The reading is entertaining and a study of human kind. Have a good week.

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