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April 5, 2015

by Virginia Scott


There was applause in the museum last week when our contractor and his crew arrived to finish our walls in the new exhibit hall. Now the real work begins we Georgia leading us in creating the new exhibits in their appropriate history catalog. Thanks to all of you we are overflowing with items to tell the history of our county and its citizens.
I was almost through writing this column when I spilled water on my keyboard and now I am rewriting it on another computer. I hope I can dry it out.

Another request from your museum ladies is that we have misplaced Volume 3 of the Higgins Obits. We can not find it. If you were visiting the museum when Lovella or one of us was using it and can remember where and what we were doing we would appreciate would helping us locate it.

I hope this isn't a sign that we are getting overloaded and accident prone. Stay tuned for more of our sagas.


This week on the 10th marks the 72nd anniversary of the Bataan death march. Seventy-five thousand U.S. and Philippine troops captured on Bataan the day before begin the six-day "death march" to prison camp. Almost half of the 12,000 Americans die on the march.

Also this week in 1939 Marian Anderson, a black contralto, performs for an audience of 75,000 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

In 1789 the new House of Representatives gathers to consider the first item on its agenda: how the new government can raise money.

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