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November 22, 2015

by Virginia Scott

We have started the closing up process for 2015. We have had a good year with very successful exhibits and programs. We had four board meetings with full attendance from our members, three receptions, and a great fundraiser this year. Our new meeting room has been used by several groups and received good reviews as far as it functionality. So I think we can say its been a good year.

Wednesday was our last day for this year. The core group spent most of the day talking and eating. We did do the necessary closure of things but most was wrapping up and talking about the upcoming year.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the upcoming Christmas Season.

This concludes my 12th year as the museum reporter, my how time flies by.


There are a number of possibilities on why turkeys are called turkeys. some say columbus thought the land he discovered was connected to India which had a large population of peacocks. Columbus thought turkeys were part of the peacock family he decided to call them tuka, which is the word for peacock in the language of India. Others day that the name turkey came from Native Americans who called the birds firkee, which sounds like turkey. If you want to see wild turkeys, Lipscomb has a large population this year that tour town at sunrise and sunset. Higgins has a good group also.

After the first Thanksgiving in 1621, it took over 200 years before Thanksgiving Day was officially proclaimed as a national day of thanksgiving, praise and prayer in 1863.

Please have a great day and enjoy family, food, and fun. The shopping can wait until December.

SEE YOU IN 2016.

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