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October 14, 2012

by Virginia Scott


It was a quiet week. Our core group was busy attending to other things so only Dorothy, Georgia, and Ann were attending to business on Wednesday. The weather has been so beautiful that everyone is doing things so that when fall and winter finally set in we will be ready.

Here at the museum we are busy planning the reception this Sunday, October 21 for Dr. Lew Hunnicutt. Please travel down on Sunday to see his beautiful photos and to enjoy our wildflowers that are blooming again before winter. The grass is green also. I now know why they comment on our weather.

Georgia is still in need of memobrallia on TOWN Teams that were active during the 40's, 50's, and 60's. Look thru your closets, trunks, and scrapbooks for items related to these teams and bring them to Georgia. The exhibit is looking good but we always like more, more, and more for display. If you have good stories about these teams and their games, we need them as well.

This week, I will be traveling to Munday for quarterly meeting of the Quanah Parker Project and the Board of the Texas Plains Trail. Both groups are busy and making tourism work in our area.

Our board decided to plan our dedication of our arrows in with our activities for the October, 2013 heritage day. Stay tuned for more information.

Next week, I will be delivering to each of the county schools 4th and 7th graders a booklet about Red River War of 1874 - 1875. The booklets will be given to the history teachers. The booklet contains a map with the 13 area museums that have a display that explains a portion of the events or participants in the war. The booklet was reproduced thru a grant to the Texas Plains Trail by the Amarillo Area Foundation. Ada Lester of Mobeetie is the coordinator of the project.


In a reproduction of an early Higgins newspaper (date unknown) there is a column entitled "Moral and Religious Growth and Development". In the column is the development of W.C.T.U. in Higgins. It was organized by Mrs. Zahner, state organizer in the spring of 1907, with Mrs. Frank Patton as president and a membership of "some twenty of the most loyal ladies of the town". During the first few months the efforts of the union was in direction of charity and securing new members. During the winter of 1907-08, with Mrs. A.M. Winsett as president, the union inaugurated and waged a successful campaign, which resulted in closing the saloons and placing Lipscomb county in the dry column. The goal of the group was to make Texas dry by 1909. State motto was "Every Union a New Union, Every Member a New Member."

The group was partially successful and their efforts are still evident through Texas with our "dry" county still present.

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