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April 26, 2009

by Virginia Scott


Spring weather is always interesting and prevented some of the Lipscomb Cty ladies from attending our tea party. We missed them but had a good crowd who braved the rain, thunder and lightening, and a threat of hail. Lipscomb had only a light rain which was good for the tea guests but sad for our gardens and yards.

We enjoyed the presentation by Diane Bim of stories about the ladies who use to demonstrate electric cooking and recipes for SPS (southwestern public service) electric company throughout the Panhandle. Ms. Bim and the other members of her group have cookbook entitled Remember When ...We Cooked? She brought us several dishes from the book and we enjoyed learning the recipes and sampling the dishes .

Before and after Ms. Bim's presentation , Everyone choose a pretty tea cup and a tea pot to enjoy their favorite flavor of tea. Learning to relax and enjoy a cup of tea and visiting with friends is indeed a luxury and a pleasure . We thank Ms. Bim and all the ladies from The area who attended the affair.

Our next event will be JUNE 6, SATURDAY. DINNER AT THE DUGOUT. We had set the date earlier for May but neither us or Verle were ready so we had to push it forward a Month. Look for the posters and call the museum for reservations and tickets. This event is to raise money for our building expansion. We have $120,000 but need $200,000, so support this event. Tickets are $25 /person and we are limited attendance to 75. The evening will be fun exploring the Woods Dugout, enjoying musical entertainment, and listening to frontier stories. MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND CALL NOW FOR TICKETS.


In reading about our early settlements and towns, I am always amazed at how many times , they moved buildings short and long distances. We are familiar with the moving of our towns when the railroads were coming through the area. However,I was not familiar of the frequency that early settlers would move buildings when they were sold . Such was the case of a small country store and post office called Sophia in 1903. Harvey Miller, Sophie Miller, and Joe Michel started the store with Miss Sophie as postmaster. The store was named after her with no reason given for the spelling difference. Later in the year Joe Michel bought out his partners. He moved the store across the road to his property and assumed the role of postmaster. The mail was brought by horse drawn vehicles from Gage, OK, sixty miles to the east. The post office was discontinued in 1915. Mr. Michel later sold the store back to Mr. Miller, who moved it back across the road. The store was also owned by George Legg, Will Shepard, and Henry Slough. During the exchange of owners, it was again moved, 1/4 mile south and 1/4 mile east. In 1919 J. B. Davis bought the store and moved it across the road to his property. It remained at this location until 1932. The owners of the Sophia were early settlers who became residents of LaKemp and later Booker. This tale of the Sophia is in the first edition of the Booker Dimensions of Progress.

Did you know that the original newspaper entitled the "Rolling Stone" appeared on April 28, 1894 and was the first publication by William Sydney Porter, better known as O.Henry. He only published the paper for a year. He was accused of financing the paper with money he embezzled from the First National Bank where he was a teller.

Enjoy the week!

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