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June 22, 2014

by Virginia Scott


My travels to Big Springs was full of beautiful scenery. The state is full of green pastures and wildflowers. It was a beautiful drive. Our meeting was in the historical hotel, Skettles and has been restored to a beautiful hotel. They restored the hotel to its original glory with the assistance of the Texas Historical Commission. The hotel has a great history and we enjoyed the fact that Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and other 60's rockers stayed at the hotel in their early years.

Our meeting was productive with reports on the region. Quanah Parker arrows have been placed in all but seven of our 52 counties. These arrows function as attractors for travelers to stop and learn a little history of the Indian influence in our area. The trails board is also active in providing tourist information by the placement of our ‘rac' cards in hotels, state tourist centers, and regional museums. Our museum has participated since the program started. The annual meeting provides an educational program about historical preservation and tourism. This years meeting will be in Canyon.

Our Wednesday group is busy with cleaning and arranging items for our new exhibits. Little by little the exhibits are coming together.


I recently had a conversation with several Lipscomb citizens and we were discussing the truck traffic on Hwy 305 and the disregard the truckers had for our speed limits. Today in writing the column I found this poem in the Chit Chat column of the "The Kiowa Valley Independent", March 26, 1963 which conveys the message of speeding and its consequences nicely...

      The Right of Way
      by Edgar A. Guest

Why do you drive at such a speed?
I asked a motor chap.
It would go hard with you, indeed
in case of some mishap.
If a collision there should be,
you'd have no time to pray
That isn't my lookout, said he
I've got the right of way.

One day the while he sped along
he felt a sudden jar.
And in a second came a throng
to pick him from his car.
Something with pain my body fills
they heard him feebly say.
But send the other man the bill
I had the right of way.

Oh, sorry was the moment when
the doctors came to tell
His wife and little child of ten
that he could not get well.
Their grief was pitiful to see
their tears they could not stay
nor did it help to know that he
had the right of way.

A widow now is robed in black
a child is fatherless
The comforts and the care they lack
that they should still possess
Nor does it make one moment glad,
nor light one gloomy day
Because their reckless father had
The legal right of way.

The wisdom we gain from our old newspaper. Have a great week.

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