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April 8, 2012

by Virginia Scott


A wonderful Easter week and hope you took the time to hide and hunt Easter eggs and attend the church of your choice to celebrate the season. Today (Monday) is cloudy and windy so I guess we are back to normal. The museum has been active with processing new items and trying to rearrange the exhibits so we can include the new items. We have a new desk from the original Hill ranch house in the ranch room and a photo of the ranch homestead. We will also be exchanging the exhibit in the front display case this week.

On Tuesday of last week, a group of us went to Woodward to a presentation by Carol Headrick. She presented the biography of Emily Post as if she was Emily. It was a wonderful program and gave me a whole new perspective on the book of etiquette that she authored. We had a great time as we always do on our field trips.

REMINDER : You only have three weeks left to come see Rebecca Ashley's art exhibit. She has beautiful paintings so enjoy an afternoon drive and take a break from your routine and come enjoy !


This is the time of year that we start thinking of planting our flower and vegetable gardens, the ranches start branding,etc. Our regional ranches plan their activities together so they can help each other with their branding. These traditions have been preserved in the series of book by Rene Heil entitled "Dust and Smoke" . Each volume have photographs of the regional ranches performing the roundups, branding,and organized group shots of the families of our ranches. This tradition has existed since this part of the country was settled.

In our Panhandle Interstate 1887-1888 newspaper, there are many reports of group roundups. In the July 8, 1887 issue the editor, W. G. McDonald reported that "Last week we accepted the invitation of Logon Smith, foreman for the Box T, to go with him on a round-up into the Indian territory, which we accepted. The outfit consisted of one wagon, about fifty head of horses and eight men. Charly King, Jessie Cupp and Sam Wilson represented the Box T, and John Caloway and Henry Snyder the KH ranch. John Malone was "coosie" and Eddie Wells horse rustler. We traveled as far east as the mouth of Turkey Creek on the south Canadian river, and then drifted back up to Texas, a distance of fifty miles. We found no cattle until we were close the Texas line, and there being no work for the boys, the trip was a picnic for them, as well as ourself. The rides and the camps were romantic and interesting, and were sorry, Friday morning, after six days out with the boys to have to leave them and return to the settlement. We will remember that trip and the kindness of Mr. Smith and the boys that were with him for many long years."

I need to know what a 'coosie' was or is. I will try to research this week. A quote for your thoughts: If you don't know history, you don't know anything. You're a leaf that doesn't know it's part of a tree. Michael Crichton, Timeline.

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