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January 13, 2019

by Virginia Scott


A quiet week which allows us to attempt to clean our work spaces and evaluate the year and plan for the upcoming year. We are blessed by your generous support that allows us to replace some of our equipment that has broken so we will be replacing our camera and speaker systems this year.
Our first board meeting will be next Wednesday, January 23 at 3pm. The general public is welcome to attend. We will be discussing goals and projects for the next year.

Our first Bingo night will be Saturday, January 26 at 6:30 pm and the genealogy group will resume in February on the Wednesday, the sixth. Please join us.

The art exhibit for Jan/Feb is the Student Art from the County Schools. As usual the art is good, the student reveal their talent and skills. Please drop by to see the art or come to their reception on February 23, 2 pm-4pm.


In 1919, It was estimated by the War Department that if would take five years for the women clerks and employees in the different offices to complete the task of compiling war records. "There are miles of records, and tons of data, to be tabulated, before the girls close their desks and go back to their homes in Michigan, Texas, and Iowa from whence they came in response to the Governments request for help" stated the war department.

I wonder if those records have been put into a federal computer today?

Also during this week in 1919, Dr. C.A. Newland announced the opening of his practice with this "Owing to my having received an honorable discharge from the military service, I am once more located in the old home town of Lipscomb where I will once more resume the duties of a practicing physician. Those who so desire, of, om old patrons, my services will find me located in the rear of the Lipscomb drug store ready and willing at all times to accommodate the people. Most cordially thanking you for the confidences of the past with a hope of a renewal of the same in the future. I am respectfully, Dr. C.A.Newland."

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