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July 24, 2011

by Virginia Scott


The newsletter was mailed on Wednesday of last week and hope everyone received one. If you didn't you haven't become a member so call us for information. Renewals are going well. The membership program is our major fundraiser for the museum that keeps us operating. We appreciate everyone support especially in these trying times with our economy . With your support our museum is one of the best small museums in the state. We are proud to tell our county story everywhere we go. Our inquiries for information on our history and people increasing each year as people learn about our archives and exhibits. We received a packet of photographs from a man in Missouri of early Higgins, unfortunately, the individuals are not named nor can we dated them. However , they do give us information on our early lifestyles from their clothing, wagons, etc.

This Saturday, July 30 at 2 pm , Dolores Duke Cross will present a program at our donation tea entitled "Grandmother's Legacy". The story of J.B. and Mary Margaret Webb Turner coming to Texas and their life in Lipscomb County. Please plan to attend and enjoy an afternoon of excellent conversation. Their will be a choice of cold or hot tea. Next week is the annual Texas Association of Museums Annual Meeting in Irving . As usual Georgia and I will be attending. This year we received scholarships from our regional museum association and will have our expenses paid to the conferences.


This item of historical importance was the daily history item on Monday, July 25 from the Texas State Historical Association Day by Day email service:

On July 25, 1953, Staff Sgt. Ambrosio Guillen died in Korea. He had enlisted in El Paso and was a member of company F, Second Battalion, Seventh marines, First Marine Division. In Action against the enemy near songuch-on, he and his platoon were defending an outpost ahead of the main lines. Pinned down at night and in unfamiliar terrain, he maneuvered his platoon into fighting position. He deliberately exposed himself to heavy artillery and mortar fire to direct his men and supervise care and evacuation of the wounded. Though critically injured, he refused medical attention and continued to lead his men until the enemy was defeated. he died a few hours later. he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his valor. Sergeant Guillen is buried at Fort Bliss national Cemetery, El Paso.

Also this week, Thomas Jonathan Jackson received his nickname from Confederate general Barnard Elliott Bee Jr. at the Battle of Manassas (Bull Run). It was there on July 21, 1861, in an effort to encourage his men, Bee cried, "Rally behind the Virginians! There stands Jackson like a stonewall!" Jackson was forever known as "Stonewall" Jackson.

Currently, I am trying to research some of Lipscomb County History on our Health Care. I am trying to identify early nurses and EMTs that have provided service in the County. If you know the names of the first EMTs and Paramedics, please forward them to us. The state does not keep records over seven years so I am without a resource. These professionals like our doctors need remembering.

Stay cool.

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