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July 23, 2017

by Virginia Scott


As summer runs down there are lots of summer visitors getting last minute trips in before school starts. We have had several geocachers find our sites and many museum visitors.

Bingo night was fun and everyone won at least one time. I had the worst card of the night and I believe Carol Barton from Higgins won the most. Jerri Pundt filled in for Harold Haines as caller and did a great job. If you enjoy a night out please join us, It's the fourth saturday of the month at 6:30 and we finish by 8:30 or 9:00 pm while it is still light so we can get home before dark.

Our board met on Wednesday and I will report its actions next week.

I was at the annual Trails meeting in Plainview last week and our program was on Trails and Tunes of the Texas Plains Trail. Our main speaker was Joe W. Specht from Abilene and he spoke on the music of our area especially the legacy of singers from Lubbock i.e. buddy holly. There were also presentations on cattle trails and indian trails across our region. The Trails program is approaching its fifth anniversary and discussion were held on how to celebrate this occasion. The trails were introduced at the San Antonio Hemisfair '68 as the Texas Travel Trails. Our own Delbert Trew was one of the original committee members who developed the program.

Pam Haines exhibit of Barbie in her many adventures is still on exhibit. Bring all the family to see and enjoy this exhibit.


In the July 26,1917 issue of the "Lipscomb Limelight", the Lipscomb Canning Club published a poem entitled "The Canning Club" :

"The ladies of Lipscomb last spring thot it well
On account of food shortage.....
To each raise a big garden and agreed to a man
To 'eat what they can, and what they can't, can'

But along came the drouth and the gardens dried up
So that some could can all their green sauce in a cup,
the ladies undaunted, tho sader and wiser
Decided last Monday to CAN THE KAISER.

Just follow directions already given for greens,
Tho when the substance is tough, it take longer it seems
First, plunge in hot water (be sure of the heat there's no loss)
And the way to do this, is JOIN THE RED CROSS."

I will finish the poem next week. I hope we get rain so we can can.

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