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October 6, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Ten years ago this week, I started writing this column with Lovella when Mildred Becker decided to retire from some of her duties. The column has changed little over the years but has done a fairly good job of chronicling the museum history and our activities. In our first column we discussed the October fundraiser and guess what. It is time for our October fundraiser.
If you have visited or driven by the museum, you have noticed the building has started.

Our membership drive is going well. We mailed out renewals two weeks ago and we have received many so far. RENEW TODAY AND HELP WITH THE NEW ADDITION.

We have a board meeting this Wednesday at 2 pm at the museum. Public is welcome to attend and provide input into our planning and our discussion of current projects,etc.

We will be received an exhibit on Quanah Parker prior to the fundraiser on the October 26 and it will be on display thru November.
On Sunday, October 20, The museum will honor Lipscomb County Businesses who have had 50 or more continuous years of operation. Dorothy Schoenhals has coordinated this THC project to recognize these businesses. The businesses are Ragan Locker (1946), Love Grocery(1955), Born Machinery(1936), Landers Oil(1909), Booker News(1927), Fronk Oil(1947), and Miller Supply (1963). When you shop these businesses, please congratulate them on their golden birthday.


You may be aware that we have an exhibit in the pioneer room featuring Ms. Joe Imke with some of her winning prizes. This article describes her hobby of entering contests and because of this she was a member of the Texas State contest club and served as the State Treasurer. She explained in her article that the nicest part of the Association of Contest Clubs was the sponsoring of the "Win siders" a portion of the three dollars dues paid by the members is given to the guying of stamps for the use of shut-ins in their contest work.

At the time of writing this article she had been entering contests for ten years and was averaging a win a month. She stated "I have fun working on the entries and when I mail them I forget them. Then if I win I am happy but if not I'm not disappointed."

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