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January 20, 2019

by Virginia Scott


The start of another year. I will report on our Board meeting and Bingo game next week. The Bingo game is Saturday, Jan. 26 so if you are reading this on Thrusday, Friday, or Saturday morning join us. We have fun and the prizes are pretty good.

We are cleaning the museum and going thru files etc. The museum is like any business we collect papers, boxes, and miscellaneous items (too many pens,pencils, etc. ) so if you visit and hear strange noises it is us going through something.

The student art exhibit is up and as usual the students have provided us with delightful art. Their reception will be February 23, at 2 pm.


We have Olave Piper's war diary for WWI. The war ended Nov. 11, 1918 and he began the diary on Dec. 10, 1918.
He begins "Am still in this Hospital feeling bumer than the D---and sure down hearted, gloomy weather not getting much to eat and can't get out of bed. On the 13th Moved me about 40 kelo yesterday and am now in a hospital where there are American nurses nice place but am still feeling pretty bum and awfully weak. Sure having gloomy weather. Jan 3, 1919 They moved me from the berricks yesterday up to the main hospital building and this morning marked me for duty again, feeling pretty well. Jan 4. Was marked to go back to duty yesterday but this morning had a little fever, so they put me to bed."

We will follow his journey this month to take a birds-eye view of WWI.

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