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March 18, 2012

by Virginia Scott


A good week with great weather for spring break and we had a steady stream of visitors with parents bringing in their children out on spring break (a couple of grandparents has dropped in ). Remember we have two museum games the kids can play to make their visit more fun and educational.

The Wednesday work day was a labeling day. Our archives of obituaries has been organized into new notebooks and labels printed so they are now proudly displayed in our new bookcase. The public is invited to use them when you are researching your family genealogy/history . We also have a newspaper project for missing issues of local papers. I will report on missing issues we are in need of when Dorothy and Lovella have finished reviewing our collections.

We are busy preparing for the first reception of the year. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR SUNDAY, MARCH 25 AT 2 P.M. , MUSEUM , RECEPTION FOR REBECCA ASHLEY. Her collection of paintings are beautiful scenes of our county.


I offer you the following story from the "Panhandle Interstate" as a warning against walking in our cold Panhandle wind.
A young German, who has a claim over on Cat Creek, got lost during the cold wave of last Saturday (Jan, 1888), when on his way from A.B. Moore's place to the home of G.A. Mellhop's, two mile distant in a north-east direction. He was seen by C.E. Howard on the prairie four miles north of Moore's. Howard saw that the German was lost, and tried to get him to come on to town with him , but he would not come. His ears and face were pretty badly frozen. A scarf had been put over his ears when he first started out, but it had dropped back on his shoulders, and he said his hands were so cold he could not put it up again. Howard then told him the way home, and he started in the direction given in a brisk walk. Howard reported the circumstances when he got to town, and it was feared by some that the German might again get lost and freeze to death. Accordingly C.M. Fennell and Mr. Howard bundled up and started in pursuit on horseback, immediately after dinner. In the rounds they called at Mr. Mellhop's and there found the young German enjoying a game of 'seven up' with his ears standing out like a couple of oyster cans.
- Panhandle Interstate, January 20, 1888


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