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May 22, 2016

by Virginia Scott


We had a good week. A group of students from Higgins came over to research their projects and enjoyed using our research room. If you haven't check this room out for your family research, school projects, etc. please come by. We have our past newspapers, family histories, and obituaries. The students found the room very useful.

We are beginning to have our summer traffic with people returning to our area to visit family and friends and come to the museum to see what is going on. Remember our museum is a great place to bring your visitors to spend an afternoon learning about our area. We have a play area for children so they can have fun while the adults look around.


I give you this week one of my favorite stories from the Prairie Dog (Jewell LaGeal Dixon) :
"Frank Ewing did not like school and tried to quit several times but his father kept sending his back until a Friday afternoon program and each pupil was required to give a reading of some kind. Frank didn't have a reading or verse ready. When it came Frank's time to recite, he said he hadn't known about it in time to learn anything. But, his brother Rees was insistent that Frank do his part for fear the other pupils would tell that he was favoring Frank. So this is the poem Frank said that day,
'Oh Lord above look down with love on us poor sinful scholars,
 Who hired a fool to teach the school, and paid him thirty dollars!'
That ended Frank's schooling permanently. No one ever asked him to come back."
Prairie Dog column, May 20, 1965

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