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June 3, 2018

by Virginia Scott


Last week was Memorial Day Weekend and I did not do a column. I hope everyone took the time to remember someone that influenced their lives.
On Wednesday we planned our Garage sale scheduled for this Friday and Saturday. I hope you have seen our posters and have bought your table space. The garage sale will be from 9 am to 5pm. Please plan to come and have fun visiting the various vendors. The main site is the Lipscomb School Auditorium. There will also be maps to other sites in Lipscomb for vendors with either too much stuff or too large to move into the school. It promises to be fun and a great way to open the garage sale season.

We are also planning new exhibits and programs for the museum. Unfortunately we are having to expand our military exhibit to include the recent conflicts.

If you have suggestions or requests for exhibits or programs, please email, telephone, or write us your ideas.
ARTIST RECEPTION for Vicki Schafer will be Sunday, June 24, 2017.


In the June 6, 1918 issue of Lime Light, it was reported that
"Dr. Louber sustained an injury that while painful, resulted fortunately (sentence not completed). He was doctoring a sick mule when it sunk its teeth in his hand, nearly severing his thumb. All who are acquainted with the habits of a native of Missouri know that like a bull dog once his teeth are set they have to be dried (pried) apart. Mr. Lauber coolly worked and tore his hand loose to free it. Had the mule become excited and started to plunge it would have torn his arm loose and likely killed him. The hand is doing nicely and likely will not become infected."
This was front page news from Tyrone Okla.

Have a good week.

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