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July 7, 2019

by Virginia Scott


A quiet but busy week, with rearranging our exhibits and meeting areas to accommodate the courthouse offices and files. This movement promises to be interesting.
We have also received a lot of the belonging of Esther Miller. The July and August exhibit will be Esther's collections and her dresses. It is a wonderful example of the Home Demonstration projects and the wonderful handwork of the 1940s thru the 70s of the average housewive. So plan a trip to view this exhibit.

The Board meeting for the museum and the historical commission is set for Wednesday, July 17 at 3 pm. Public is welcomed.


Here is a editorial by the Skaggs in 1919 on America:
"America is a great county, and much of that greatness is due to the ability and fearlessness of the people in thinking and acting for themselves.
We elect our chief officers for two to four years, and if they don't suit us we kick them out at the end of their terms.
We have a habit of frankly and insistently telling our public servants what we expect of them, and we unblushingly give them to understand if they do not make good we will have no further use for them.
We have no kings or emperors, or dudes or counts, for in this country every man is a king in his own right...
Yes, America is a great country and it will always be great so long as we reverence brain and brawn instead of lordings and tarnished crowns."

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