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September 20, 2009

by Virginia Scott


The reception and booksigning for Sandra Elliott and Rene Heil was attended by over 50 people from all over the region. It is always fun to see who turns out on the third Saturday events and to visit with them. We had quite a few first time visitors which we welcomed and gave the cadillac tour of the museum. The main topic of conversation was "THE FOOTBALL GAME" scheduled for 7pm . The discussions were interesting since our county is rich in fans from all the major universities. Since I graduated from a girls university I can be fairly neutral in these conversations, at least I try. Sandra and Rene were still the center of discussion and attention with football taking the back seat until about 6:30 pm when the crowd started thinning out. I believe most moved on to the dance except for the real hard core fans whom we won't name since everyone knows who they are.

We are preparing for the book orientation class this Wednesday , so next week I will have more details for you on our upcoming project. In advance, we wish to thank the volunteers who have agreed to help us with this project.

It is also the end of the month so if you haven't been out to see Sandra Elloitt's painting; do so now because they will leave us next week. October/November will feature needlepoint art by Jerri Pundt.

At the end of the column this week , I will print our information . Please cut this out and post on your refrigerator.


As we embark on the development of the second edition of the Lipscomb County History Book, it is appropriate that we revisit the Foreword of the first edition.
"In the beginning...
It should be recognized that history recorded here is for enjoyment of the reader instead of establishing factual statistics. Each family history represents MEMORIES of the past! Therefore, each manuscript has been printed in the "original" style as far as possible in order to retain its individuality and distinctive characteristics. ...Members of the Lipscomb County Historical Survey Committee worked several years researching record files, studying biographical notes and interviewing pioneers to obtain information for this book. Therefore, the committee takes this opportunity to acknowledge cooperation and assistance of local pioneers, and members of their family, in sharing their personal biographies and photographs with us in this venture to record same for posterity. ...Our wish is that the reader may enjoy and appreciate this effort. "All information found within was furnished to the editors by the indicated contributors. We do not authenticate or verify any of the published accounts. The thoughts , opinions ,and presumptions contained herein are not necessarily those of the editors and publishers."

We can only hope we do as well as they did. We still have the book for sale and it is still being enjoyed by everyone who reads it.

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