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July 26, 2020

by Virginia Scott


Well August is here and summer is almost over and schools are trying to resume sessions. The museum is still operating as usual with some limited coverage by our volunteers. So if you are planning a visit, please call first to see if we are here. The courthouse personnel are still here so the building is open every week day but if you need one of us, please call to see if we are here. We are definitely here on Wednesdays and I come in on Mondays to write the column.

Our membership drive is going well and you will be happy to know that we are planning to improve our archive room with our funds so that it is safer for our workers.

Our county continues to be healthy and virus free, so we hope this continues.


The following poem was published by the Skaggs in 1913 and is appropriate today for our membership:

"The Steady Subscriber"

How dear to our heart is the steady subscriber,
Who pays in advance at the birth of each year,
Who lays down the money and does it quite gladly.
And cast round the office a halo of a cheer.
He never says :Stop it; I can not afford it,
I'm getting more papers than now I can read."
But always says, "Send it; our people all like it-
In fact we all think it a help and need."
How welcome his check when it reaches our sanctum.
How it makes our pulse throb;
How it makes our hearts dance.
We outwardly thank him; we inwardly bless him-
The steady subscriber who pays in advance. Amsco.

We thank and appreciate your support of our museum and its programs. Stay safe and come visit when it is safe.

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