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May 15, 2011

by Virginia Scott

Spring has finally arrived but it is still very chilly, however, our new flower garden is surviving the wind and the temperatures and the lack of rain. Watch for sprinklers when you visit the museum we are constantly watering the grass and the flower beds and with placement just right we usually don't water our guests.

The Photography project continues in full swing and they are making great progress. This project is allowing the reorganization of our collection into better catagories, the elimination of duplicates of the same photograph, and the placement of each photograph in archival sleeves and notebook boxes. This will allow us to find and locate our photographs much easier. When this is completed, we will have almost our entire collection of artifacts in archival safe material. When you visit next time, ask for a tour of our archive room, you will be very impressed with the work of our volunteers.

We need volunteers to assist us with all of our projects so if any of school age children over 16 want to explore the museum behind the scenes this summer give us a call.


I should know better than to tell you in my articles that next week I will write about a particular item, because I usually forget. That is why I have started rereading my article every so often. In my March 14 article I stated that I would describe the April 17,1913 newspaper article entitled “A trip on the 'Rubber Neck Car Betsy'”. I didn't so here it is:

The editor, C.A. Skaggs, describes his trip by car through the farm land of Lipscomb County. Here is his words :””For sights, pleasure and general good time take the scenic route to the north on board the “Betsy” and behold the beauties of our old county as it is. Hop right on at station 'twoty-two' three steps to the right of the Lipscomb Drug Co.'s store, then one straight up and you're gone. Gliding over the road with a grace equal to the ease of “Black Diamond Special” until you come to the crossing of Wolf Creek where your eye will come in contact with visions more attractive and pleasing that you have met with in many a day. At this point you are given a half minute to get you breath while the man at the 'wheel' hooks her up another notch and then you go winding in and out the gates on most every section. ...the first thing of interest to your left will be the home and pleasant surroundings of J.B. Turner, a little further back just visible to your eye the homes of P.R. Wheatly and C.D. Hill and to be seen while yet a birdseye view of Wm. Rabe's country home can be caught by some stretching; and on your tight depicted plainly upon the level blanket of green J. R. Townsden's commondious home looms up another spurt through the winding trail that crosses and recrosses the running rivulets that flow so freely, you will notice a herd of thoroughbred cattle grazing on one side while on the other a group of plump horses and mules are feeding leisurely upon the wild grasses. A few more pulls around up through a canyon and then you drop right down in front of the cozy home of W.R. Hill whose house and buildings are sheltered by a prominent cliff...an orchard in full bloom with its blue tinted blossom throwing off a sweet fragrance that fans you in the face while 'Betsy' stops for water.... your course takes you through the McDonald pasture... covered with its wealth of grasses then as you look with yours optics to the left..is the home of another of Lipscomb's young-old men, J.K. Paine and as you move along the home of John Payne.... Just as you leave the Mc Donald pasture along the trail to the left you pass the pleasant place of Earl Douglas. Straight ahead once more for another run of fifteen minutes and then a turn to the right and once more to the right and you are at the end of the trip, Mr. Green's home.

On one of these nice days, try recreating this trip with our current county roads, good luck. The roads are changed and somewhat better, but fortunately the scenes are much the same, our green pastures, grazing cattle and horses, and our nice homes. Enjoy your week.

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