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September 9, 2012

by Virginia Scott


Dr. Lew K. Hunnicutt arrived Wednesday to hang his exhibit entitled "6 Acres on Kiowa Creek" . This is a three part story in photographs taken by Lew on Kiowa Creek in Darrouzett. The three parts are 'Panhandle Skies (a Kiowa Creek Perspective ), Creek Beauty, and Wild Beauty (The Nature Of Kiowa Creek). The Photographs reveal a prospective of our Kiowa Creek that you will be both surprised and amazed to learn about. The exhibit will be available during September and October. The Reception for Dr. Hunnicutt will be October 21st.

Projects are still occupying our time on Wednesdays. It seems there is always something that needs our attention. We have a new label machine and it is making our shelves look professional as well as easier to locate our collection items.

As I reported last week we are with $64,000 of our goal for the new building. I will be researching the web for foundations that give funds to nonprofit organizations for construction. If you know of any please contact us.


"A man named Kinzel, who some time ago located a hundred and sixty acres of land on Healy Bros. range in the Neutral Strip, and who never tried to do anything else but incur the displeasure of his neighbors, and make himself the most disagreeable and ornery neighbor in general, was killed one day by a neighbor named John Rief. The cause which led to the killing of Kinzel was about as follows: Said Kinsel was in the habit of poisoning and shooting all cattle and horses which chanced to stray on his claim, and in this manner had disposed of several head of stock belonging his various neighbors. Three cows belonging to John Rief had strayed onto Kinzel's claim, when they were given some poisonous drug and soon after died from the effects. Upon discovering his loss, Rief mounted a horse and armed with a double-barrelled shotgun rode to the claim of Kinzel, where the two met, and after a few words were exchanged the play ended by Rief firing a charge of shot into the body of Kinzel, causing instant death." This was a story in the Panhandle Interstate in 1887 reporting on news from Dodge City. A true Gunsmoke story. I wondered if Rief had to deal with Matt Dillon. Have a good week.

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