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September 25, 2011

by Virginia Scott


FIRST, I have to correct my mistake from last week. I created a state agency TEA, Texas education for the Arts. Non existent. I should have referred to Texas Commission for the Arts. (TCA). They are for real and need our support during these trying times. They are the group that receive monies when you buy the specialty license tags so upgrade and buy a new tag at renewal time. Thanks for your patience with my senior moments.

This week was a busy one for us. We are making real headway with our archival cleanup. The files and boxes in the archive room are looking good. We welcomed a new member this week – Gwen Ferguson joined us and started her project of computerizing our labels and tags for the individual archive boxes. She typed a new label for the box, a master card, file card. We are going to be so organized and neat when this is done that we will offer tours (HA). Any way, we are making great progress.

We are also redoing the gift shop. We have purchased new display shelves and will be rearranging our merchandise to make it more customer friendly. You are invited to come see us and give us your feedback on our new look.

Lastly, we met with a committee of the board on Wednesday to work on our 2012 budget and our October fund raiser. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22,2011 AT 6:30 PM AT THE LIPSCOMB SCHOOL, A BAR-B-QUE SUPPER. WE will have a guest speaker and fun will be had by all. Tickets are on sale now at the museum and board members will have some by end of the week (tomorrow ) since you are reading this on Thursday. Price is $15.00 each or $25.00 a couple.


With this reorganizing and cleaning, I am finding a wealth of tidbits of our history, that I will share with you in forthcoming articles. I will start with the article on Mr. G.J. Heil who died on Jan. 10, 1967. Mr. Heil was born Sept. 5, 1888 in Morrow County,Ohio. On Jan. 29,1910 he married Elsie Porter at Medicine Lodge, Kansas. They had five sons and in 1916 they moved to the Texas Panhandle and established their home three miles northwest of Follett where their sons grew to manhood.
In his obituary, the following quote was used to describe the respect that the community had for Mr. Heil: "Some one has said: He had achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much, who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; who has left the world better than he found it; who always looked for the best in others and give the best he had ; whose life was an inspiration; whose memory a benediction."
An example of how he did this was explained in another article where they explained that during the "dirty thirties", he experimented with his wheat seed and developed a wheat seed that yielded 15 to 18 bushels per acre versus the 7 to 9 bushels the traditional seed was yielding. He named the seed "Zarr Blackhull" and after the papers reported his high yield, he received requests from all over the county for his seed. He was one of our Pioneers that kept this country going during the bad years. He was Rene Heil's grandfather and we are pleased that the Heil family is a part of our history.

Have a good week with this great fall weather.

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