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June 23, 2019

by Virginia Scott


A busy week, the Saturday night Bingo game went well with 20 plus players present.
I ventured to Big Springs, Texas to represent our area at the Texas Plains Trail meeting. Our meeting was at the historic Settles Hotel which has been restored to its original beauty. This meeting allows us to learn what is happening at a state level as well as what is happening in the top 52 counties of the Texas Panhandle. This is one of the meetings that gives us information on programs and ideas that we can use in providing programs at the museums.
We have several requests for information from our archives. One is for our veterans information on WWII for a project compiling Texas Veterans. We are copying the book compiled by Joe Mingus from newspaper clippings saved by Blanche Hyde as our men were drafted or joined the war.


Lipscomb County Limelight reported in June, 1919 the following report on the amount of produce shipped:
The Follett Produce Co. shipped out 274 cans of cream which represented $2,740 with 40 cases of eggs and seven coops of chickens. Three shipments of hides were also shipped.
The H.B. Bradbury's Produce shipped out 63 cans of cream ($630) with 60 coops of chickens ($1500)
The article was completed with this observation:
"The Busy Town is no slow member and at the way this part of the industry has grown in our old town it exemplifies a cold fact the people engaged are live wires and on the job for better accommodation to the country trade than many towns not near so large."

Query: How many cows does it take to produce 63 cans of cream?
Our industries have changed but our industries continue to produce products needed by our country.

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