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March 10, 2019

by Virginia Scott


We are busy refreshing some our exhibits with new items and adding touches to others. Plan a visit and see if you can find the new additional items on display. Brady Smith has finished installing his art exhibit . His reception is set for March 24, Sunday at 2 pm.

We have sent our annual report to the Texas Historical Commission, museum division and will let you know if they have any comments for us.


In May of 1931, The Lipscomb Limelight reported that the two story frame buildings located on the north side of Main Street in the extreme east part was burned down. It housed the Theisen Motor Co. and theatre on the ground floor and the upper floor was used mostly for dances. Described as a place for a little recreation for the youngsters and where many of the older gray haired dads with their wives were pretty likely to be found. The building was owned by Mrs. G.S. Trottman and was being leased by J.N. Theisen. The fire started about 2 AM and burned to the ground. Having no insurance it was a total loss. Just how the fire started is not known, but it looks just a "bit smutty" and just ten or twelve weeks ago a 'notice' was received by Mr. Theisen from some unknown person or persons telling that "if they did not stop having dances that they would burn them out" The editor continues with: "doesn't it seem strange that when a person works, regardless of what his choice whether it be a dance in connection with a eating house or garage or if it is just maybe a tiller of the soil that a "notice" is sent telling you what to do and what not to do? We somehow thought that we lived in a free country. We, ourselves do not dance, but we certainly do not see any wrong in attending a respectful dance. If the dances are not respectful, then there are lawful ways in stopping them, are they not? Nobody needs to sneak around and burn someone out just because they do not approve of dances, do you think?"

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