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July 21, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Another week of summer weather with a little rain provided a nice week for the museum. It is always nice to have some of our families with generational ties to the county visit us. Thanks to the generosity of these families we are able to tell the story of their heritage through their family items and documents. The younger generation is taught their family history through our displays and exhibits. We have had visitors from Arizona, North Carolina,Mexico and all parts of the state of Texas.

The visitors are always surprised with the quality of our museum. We explain the support and pride of our county that allows the museum to do our work.

Dorothy is still assisting our 50 year businesses in claiming their status as a Texas Historical Commission, Texas Business, Texas Treasure. Stay tuned for the date of the county wide recognition and reception for these businesses.

Stay tuned for our date for Rebecca Ashley and Jean Weis reception. Their exhibit with the Jewelry sales for Joanne Watson fund will be on display through August. If you haven't seen these ladies work please come by. If you need a new accessory for a summer party and celebration, Jean's jewelry will do the trick.


In the first issue of the Kiowa Valley Independent newspaper, October 2, 1962, the following poem was published and has as valuable message today and it did then. Read the poem and then examine your participation in your community:


There's a clever young fellow named Somebody Else.
There's nothing this fellow can't do.
He's busy from morning 'til way late just substituting for you.
Your're asked to be this, or asked to do that.
and what is yoour reply?
Get Somebody Else.
He'll do it much better than I.

So much to do in this weary old world,
So much, and the workers so few.
And Somebody Else is weary and worn,
Just substituting for you.
Next time you're asked to do something worthwhile,
Just give them this ready reply:
"If Somebody Else can give time and support,
My goodness, then so can I."

Take time this week to look and the volunteers and leaders in your community and especially at their ages and ask yourself who is going to take their place some day. Have a good week.

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