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August 24, 2020

by Virginia Scott


The museum is still operating as usual with visitors who are also traveling and looking for caches. As a reminder a cache is a hidden item that the geological coordinates have been registered with the geocache home page. We have three and this brings people into our town and to the museum. A free way to advertise. The comments are usually amazed at finding our museum "out in the middle of nowhere". I have to disagree because those of us who live here no we are the place to be.

The museum is working on our project for the archive room and bringing our collections up to date. We are also working on getting all our records on the computer.


In our collection we have a painting by Verda Harper called "The Gathering Tree", The painting depicts the gospel meetings that were held at this spot from 1889 until 1916. Rev Kennell was the first minister who provided the sermon. The tree provided shade of 80 feet in diameter. Hundreds of people would come bringing tents and provisions and remain during the services which lasted for several days.

Have a good week.

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