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March 4, 2018

by Virginia Scott


Another productive week for the museum. Georgia continues to cover some of our meeting room chairs. Kellie is hard at work entering our collection into the computer. We are having our computer systems updated so that we stay current. As always when you update, you have to familiarize yourself with where everything is.
I had a fast trip to Austin to a meeting hosted by the Texas Veterans Commission concerning the Texas WWI Centennial. We were given information on various activities that they suggest we do to honor the veterans. I will be sharing this information with various groups in the near future to plan Lipscomb County activities.

We have the new Travel host magazine issue and the passports for the Texas Plains and Panhandle. This is a program that offers prizes to everyone who participates and receive their passports stamped by as many of the 52 counties. You will be entered in a drawing at the end of the program. So come by the museum and get your passport and start touring.


In the March 7, 1918 issue of the Limelight, the Skaggs reported the following:

During the past couple of weeks, our big son, Fred, has been an active body in the poultry game and has started out with "three of a kind" and they are all of the pullet variety. In egg production they have been somewhat slow to begin with but this morning he has made a discovery, ongoing to the pen as usual on a tour of inspection he discovers a lone egg in the nest and that is not all, it proved to be a hard boiled one. If the biddy still stays on the job at the rate she started there will be quite a saving in fuel for all that would have to be done would be to gather them and serve on the half shell the same as any other class of fruit." What is your guess on who put that egg under that hen?

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