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July 28, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Another quiet week with several of our volunteers out with travel or illness. We miss them and wish them safe travel and quick recovery. The core team is still working on newspapers and paper in the archives. These items are the hardest to maintain due to the composition of paper so when an opportunity arises to get them digitalize we participate so our entire collection of newspaper will soon be on the Portal to History website sponsored by North Texas State University Library system. This website already has a massive photograph collection on line and is free to everyone. We appreciate the ability to be a part of their efforts.

The one paper product that we do not have and would like to add to our collection is old telephone books from the area. These books give us a good list of who lived where during a given time period and our excellent reference documents when we receive queries about someone who a relative thinks lived in Lipscomb County. So remember when your cleaning grandmas closet, bring us old phone books, annual reports, etc.

The Historical Commission and Museum Board for Lipscomb County will meet on August 21st. We post agendas at the courthouse and Lipscomb Post Office. Public is welcome.

REMINDER: The exhibit at the museum is paintings by Rebecca Ashley and Jewelry by Jean Weis.


The Kiowa Valley Independent printed a series of articles entitled "Beginning: Pioneer-Woman of the Prairie" by Mrs. P.R. Wheatley ( Martha Ann). The articles were from her recollections of her life written when she was in her 80's. The first article tells of her birth :

"On October 14, 1869, a baby girl was born near the town of Murphysville, Ky, to William and Sarah Ballard, with an old colored woman, Aunt Delilah standing by, This was not uncommon at that time, Doctors were scarce as well as, money. These women were available and efficient, either they were or the Lord was not ready for Mother and child. I lived to attend her funeral many years later. In time I was named Martha Ann, a name I always disliked. An Aunt and a neighbor woman bore the names and they were coupled on me. During my younger days I changed to Annie, Anne, Anna, Anna Lee. Then finally went back to the original, when in after years any legal papers needed my signature."
- Kiowa Valley Independent, Volume I, Number 19, February 5, 1963
The articles were printed by the paper with the consent of the children of Mr. Wheatley.

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