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June 20, 2017

by Virginia Scott


Summer heat has arrived but the museum is cool even with one of our air conditioner units broken. We hope to have it fixed soon.

The Spring issue of the newsletter was mailed last week and should be arriving to all members by this week. The renewal card for membership for 2018 is included with the newsletter.

Our newly formed Genealogy Club met on the 7th. An overview of our reference room and our obituary albums was introduced to the group. The next meeting is scheduled for July 12th at 1 pm in our meeting room.

Bingo night will be this Saturday, June 24th at 6:00 pm. Please join us, it is fun and the prizes are interesting and creative.

Terry Henderson's photographs are still on exhibit, if you haven't seen them, please come by she has captured our wildlife to reveal their personalities.


In the June 21, 1917, Mr. Skaggs reported two important events: the first was the delivery by Jess Bussard freight hauling business.
"accompanied with Grover Bussard and Neal Frass...and three egg cases... a ford truck weighing 2600 lbs was delivered; the whole thing was assembled and in the afternoon a trial trip was made to Glazier where the little old thing went right along through sand and all without a 'bobble', the usual load was brought that three horses would ordinarily haul and it took about three hours and a half to make the round trip including loading up. It is some handy proposition as the merchants can bank on more regular trips and quicker ones."
The second important event was the arrival of Dr. and Mrs. C.A. Newland's son description by Skaggs:
"Last Tuesday about one o'clock...was rushed into a scene of gladness over the arrival of a young son that arrived at their place of average size and liveliness. The Doctor since that time has been stepping high with the delight for a "young'n" with his first pair of copper toed boots."
Enjoy the week.

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