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February 7, 2016

by Virginia Scott


I went to Childress for a meeting about resuscitating the Red River War project that was created in 2004 but the cost of the exhibits as proposed was too expense for the museums to undertake so the project was not continued. Since it was the first meeting to discuss whether the project was possible , there was not any decisions made. I will keep you informed. The Panhandle Tourism Marketing Council is the group that is interested in the project.

Our exhibit of the Students Art from the Lipscomb County Schools is on display. The Reception for the Students will be on Sunday, February 28. The Winners of the first, second, and third place by the age groups
will be recognized at the reception.


During the week of February 20th, 1971, There was a blizzard that isolated Follett and prevented the Follett Girls Basketball Team and Follett citizens to return home and were isolated in Lubbock. The snow storm kept approximately 150 of Follett citizens from returning home. This was about a fourth of the town's population and included the mayor, coach, the full basketball team, veterinarian and baker. These were stranded in Lubbock. The school superintendent was stuck in Clarendon, The Baptist preacher was in Plainview. This was also the snow storm that required the U.S, Army helicopters and trucks that were required to assist the local ranchers to provided feed to the cattle herds.

February and March appear to be the months which most of our winter storms occur.

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