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February 27, 2011

by Virginia Scott


It is a beautiful Monday morning with calm winds. We had a scary weekend with grass fires all around and at one point ask to evacuate Lipscomb. I am always worried at that point about the museum and what to do. We have emergency references designed for museums and after this weekend we are going to have to make a priority out of our planning for emergencies. If any one is interested in helping us design our plan please contact me. I am thankful that Lipscomb County was spared the losses that our southern neighbors in Borger area are facing today. A Big THANKS to all of you volunteers that man our fire trucks, radios, etc. We appreciate all your efforts.

The museum maintains a file on all our weather related storms and events. If you have photographs of the fires this year that you would like to contribute to our collections, please bring them by the museum. We can copy them and return the originals to you.

We still have about 30 plus people who have not picked up their copy of the Volume II, Lipscomb County History. Please help us spread the word about the book. If you can't remember if you paid for one, call us and we will check the list. We still have plenty for sale in the gift shop.

The museum and Lipscomb County Historical Commission annual report is done. A copy can be reviewed at the museum.


The following will be filed with the history of the publishing of the Volume II history book: One of the people who ordered a book called to report this error "the story about his son should have said 'corporate lawyer' not 'concrete layer'. they said they all got a good laugh out of it. I can't tell you how many people proofed that book but they say that there is not such thing as a perfect book. We are keeping a record of our errors so report them as you find them and when you find the story of the concrete layer, please change it.

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