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September 10, 2017

by Virginia Scott


Sorry that I didn't have a column last week but I was in Austin attending the Secretary of State election school. It is good to be home and they tell me that nothing much has happened. So I will have a short and sweet column.

A couple of reminders: Pam's Barbie exhibit will only be here until October 2. Please come by and see it before its gone. It will make you relive yours, your daughters or your granddaughters childhood. It also makes you want to play dolls again.

Our next exhibit will be Pine Gregory.

Our annual fundraiser is November 4 and we still need auction items.


The tradition of a Chautauqua was first held in Lipscomb in September, 1917. Debby Updyke and Jan Luna started the tradition again in the '90's. A Chautauqua is an assembly for educational purposes combining lectures, entertainments, often held outdoors modeled after summer schools established at Chautauqua, N.Y.
After the first event, the townsmen were challenged with the manuvering (Skagg spelling) of the tent to the railroad for shipping. "At 10:30 Grover Bussard loaded up the Homeland Entertainers and the speaker of the day and then come the 'tug of War' with the canvas department. Jess Bussard, Judge W.H. Sewell, Clerk P.O. Boyd and "Dude" Bussard with the "Tin Lizzie" done the rest. Ramble well we should remark. The old tend landed in Glazier in time to catch the midnight train for the east. Presto and the whole bunch landed home some time later with "Tin Lizzie" coming in as a trailer."

Debby and Jan held many events with the Chautauquas and the Dance Platforms. Both are missed.

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