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August 4, 2013

by Virginia Scott


A pleasant week with nice number of visitors. We had a geocache visitor that left us a nice note.

Our exhibits for August are the paintings of Rebecca Ashley and Arlene Walker. If you haven't seen their paintings before, you are in for a treat. Please plan to come in and view them. Their reception is scheduled for Sunday, August 18th. at 2pm here at the museum. Jewelry by Jean Weis will also be on display.


In her second column in the "The Kiowa Valley Independent" on February 12, 1963, Martha Ann Wheatley (Mrs. P.R.) talks about her school years. She started school when she was 7 in a one room school with students in ages ranging from 6 to 20 years. She states "they were out of the running at the 20th birthday." The enrollment ran between 60 and 70 students, one of which was "one girl I thought the most fortunate on Earth. She was about my age, an only child with parents who possessed a farm and able to grant her every wish. She had a small horse equipped with side saddle and bridle which she rode to school while I trudged along in mud, dust or snow, which ever the weather decided to send. That was a time I really broke the 10th commandment."

We will continue her adventures next week.

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