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September 5, 2010

by Virginia Scott


Well, the stamp cancelation was fun and the Higgins 4th and 7th graders came and received a great history lesson on stamps, stamp collection, and the Texas Plains Region. Deborah Sue McDonald, the executive Director of the Region led the cancelation then those present were able to purchase the stamped envelop or get their mail stamped. The special stamp is available for your mail for 30 days so come to Lipscomb and ask for the special cancelation. It is a pretty cancelation. We had a good adult crowd to Dolores Mosser, Lubbock, President of the Texas Plains with Holle Kriedler, Lubbock, volunteer photographer, Willis Smith, County Judge, Lipscomb Residents, Ed Scott, Ronnie Schneider and Musuem Crew, Dorothy, Fern, Georgia, Lovella, and Me. Afterwards, our southern guests were treated to a tour of Lipscomb county and Lake Fryer. It was a good day.

We are getting ready for the all day garage sale event. The museum will have items for sale on our porch. Old books, computers, printers, etc. Stop on your way to or from other locations. It should be a fun day for everyone. Hopefully the first of many to come.

Sunday, the museum welcomed the Meier Reunion that were having their reunion at the school. Many came to the museum to see our different exhibits and to continue their visiting. We always enjoy reunions and almost always learn or discover something we didn't know before. This one was no different. One of the women is looking for information on the Homoky feed yard that was located between Darrouzett and Follett. So if you have any information of this feed yard or a family named Homoky give us a call.

Lovella has her exhibit of Dord Fitz up and it is a good one. She has many of his paintings and examples of his students work along with many stories about Dord. There will be a reception on the third Saturday of September for these students and to celebrate Dord and his work. September 18 (next saturday) at 4pm. There will be a documentary about Dord available for viewing for anyone whose is interested. Please plan to join us. I am writing this on Labor Day listening to music about working people, labor unions, etc. A good start to the week.


In tribute to Labor Day, I found two descriptions or stories by Jewell Dixon in his Prairie Dog columns that celebrate two jobs that keep Lipscomb county alive. The first is the ranch hand and The "Irish Ladd" or George Sennett is one of our best known. Irish worked for the Box T owners, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Doyle. The Ladd loved to enjoy local moonshine and to play the harmonica. When he drank too much, Pat Doyle would fire him and the next morning, Mrs Doyle would hire him back. His most famous misbehavior was the time he plowed a fire guard down the center of main street in Higgins. Everyone that knew him was fond of him and spoke well of his cowboy skills and forgave his misdeeds.

The second job is the fire fighting organizations in our county. Mr. Dixon relates the beginning of Higgins fire department and its growth from horse drawn fire wagon. He remembered the drivers: Frank Latimer, John and Roy Landers, Johnny Lynn. He praised the department and its volunteers. All our towns now have volunteer fire departments with both fire fighting and EMS vehicles and stand with the best.

We salute all the ranchers, farmers, businessmen, who keep commerce growing in our county. We also salute our county and city workers. Lastly but not least is the Lipscomb County servicemen and veterans who are and did service and labor for our country. Hope all you celebrated our last holiday of the summer.

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