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August 17, 2014

by Virginia Scott


A very busy week at the museum. I left town on Monday after writing the column to travel to Colorado for my husband's 50th high school reunion. The trip was nice and the landscapes from here to Trinidad looked pretty good but every where is dry with low lakes and rivers. Everyone needs rain.

The line from the movie: "Build it and they will come" is true when you change it to "Build it and they will fill it". We are receiving some jewels from the past for our museum. We will have great examples of our past with a car, a tractor, and hopefully a pickup. Along with various artifacts that will assist us in telling the story of life in Lipscomb County.

We received file cabinets so we can organize our work room and office. I will list our these donors in future column to thank them for our assistance.

We are frequently asked how we are able to have such a great museum in our small county and we always answer that it is due to the generosity and support of our citizens and their descendants.


As I write this on Monday, August 17, it is Davy Crockett's Birthday. He was born in Tennessee. He began his military career as a scout in the Tennessee militia in 1813 and was elected to the Tennessee legislature in 1821. After a turbulent political career, during which he split with President Andrew Jackson, a fellow Tennessean, and acquired a national reputation as a sharpshooter, hunter, and yarn-spinner, Crockett grew disenchanted with the political process and decided to explore Texas. He set out in November 1835 and reached San Antonio de Bexar in February 1836, shortly before the arrival of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Crockett chose to join col. William b. Travis, who had deliberately disregarded Jackson Sympathizer Sam Houston's orders to withdraw from the Alamo, and died in the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836. The historical David Crockett proved a formidable hero in his own right and succeeded Daniel Boone as the rough-hewn representative of frontier independence and virtue.

Davy Crockett, frontiersman, congressman, and defender of the Alamo, son of John and Rebecca (Hawkins) Crockett, was born in Greene County, East Tennessee, on August 17, 1786.In 1798, John Crockett hired his son out to Jacob Siler to help drive a herd of cattle to Rockbridge County, Virginia. Siler tried to detain Davy by force after the job was complete, but the boy escaped at night by walking seven miles in two hours through knee-deep snow. He eventually make his way home in late 1798 or early 1799. You can read more about his life at legacyof texas.com, the source for this historical musings.

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